Are you still using images in your Facebook ads? If yes, it is the time to change your marketing approach. In this “all time” social media era, user demands & creativity changes day by day and after every click users expect a new update!

Video ads – Simply tell your story & make connections.  Facebook Video ads are the best way & ad format to bring more sales & user engagement to your business/product.

Keep your approach simple, compelling, entertaining & yes informative of ‘course!! People are more likely to pay attention to something that meets their interests.

How to create Facebook Video Ads:

Creating Facebook Video Ads is as simple as creating image ads.

  1. First – Got to “Create Ad”
  2. Select “Video Views” as your objective & click continue.


  1. Choose your audience & budget accordingly.
  1. Upload your video.
  • Facebook allows videos upto 60 minutesmax but according to studies done, videos between 15-30 seconds results into higher sales and traffic.
  • Take care for the characters limit while adding content to your video.

Video Ads

  1. Select the thumbnail for your video & then add the text & links that you want to show along your video ad.
  1. Since you are done with creating/editing ad. Click on “review order”.


6 Tips to better Facebook video Ads:

  1. Make it convincing:

Your Ad won’t convert much sales & engagements if it fails to make an impact in first few seconds. So try to grab attention within 2-4 seconds and keep videos shorter about 20-30 seconds.


  1. Try your hands with videos that don’t require sound:

There are people who are watching watch videos when they are at restaurant, work, office or some public place where sound can embarrass. So in that case you can use videos that don’t need sound.

You might be thinking that how to deliver the message without sound, Go for captions in this case!!


  1. Go for carousel ads:

In this way you can keep your videos short while making your story interesting in parts. You can attract audience by including some visual storytelling thing via Carousel Ads.

  1. Don’t Forget to Add Links:

Adding links is the best way to compel people to buy & browse your product directly.


  1. Thumbnail:

It works as the cover of book, keep this aspect informative and attractive so that it compel audience to click & watch the video.


  1. Take advantage of “Get Video Views” option:

With this option you can get maximum reach. It will target the people who are who are more likely to watch the videos. In this way reach of the campaign will be increased.



Not considering only targeting, objectives, budget & other aspects; keep your video simple, informative & short. Try to deliver your message in the beginning or most probably with the thumbnail of video so that it increases the curiosity among visitors to click your ad.