Vlog is a video blog which is shortened to “Vlog”. It is a blog with video content. This is one of the best ways to reach out to your audiences & make them understand about your business, services and products.

All you need is to share your screen and tell how to do it. Videos are converting huge traffic and audience these days.  They are most likely to be watched for learning purpose among users.

You might have some thoughts in your mind about creating Vlogs like:

  • It would be expensive to create Vlogs.
  • What equipment’s do I need to create it?
  • What are the best hosting platforms for Vlogs?
  • It would take too much time to create Vlogs.

Let me clear it first, you can create Vlogs free of cost too; Yes, Absolutely free!! In this article I will be discussing about HOW TO CREATE FREE VIDEO BLOGS & required information about Vlog trends.

Create Free Video Blogs:

  1. Know the purpose:

First of all, you need to understand the reason why you are creating that video. It will help you in creating better videos. Strategize your content to be added into the video.

  1. Choose web host:

It is not necessary to self host your blog, it might add some budget in the process so let’s drop this idea. There are various free web service to host your blog like YouTube and Vimeo. As Google owned YouTube, It has really good help sections that helps to create effective videos. Add all the necessary aspects to your videos like title, description, tags etc. YouTube lets you share your video on other websites easily. Look for all the necessary features among your web host, so choose your host wisely.

video blogs

  1.  Create your Video:

There are number of ways to create videos without losing your pockets like:

  • Shoot video with your mobile – you have little cam in your hands with best features .i.e., iphone. Mobile phone captures little hustle around the screen so it’s recommended to use headphones while recording video.
  • Camera isn’t the necessary aspect; you can use software like Camtasia, Awesome Screenshot, Jing, Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder, ScreenFlow. These are best to eliminate noise. You might be thinking what a video without audio, absolutely, audio is important for Vblogs. You can record audio separately and then merge both audio and video.
  • Skype – Yes you got it right, it is Skype!! You can take help from Skype in case you are teaching, helping someone. It will work in the scenario like you are in Skype call with an expert and learning about some topic so you can record that conversation. You will need an app to record skype screen. You can take help from apps like Call Recorder and Super Tin Tin.
  • Don’t just create and share, animate your videos and make them attractive and compelling. There are lot more options to edit and animate the videos like Moovly, Animaker, Biteable, PowToon. These are the best animated video makers.

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  1. Post your video:

As soon as you are done with video creation, Post it at chosen host and promote with the help of various techniques like SEO, Social media marketing, PPC etc.

Since you are aware of creating videos and choosing web host and other important aspects, Start creating videos and keep promoting!! Ask your video blog related queries Here.