There are lot more options & platforms available for affiliate marketing like clickbank, Amazon associates & eBay partner network. They allow you to choose product according to your choice and all you need is to promote!

If you are involving yourself into the affiliate marketing you will definitely be using tools to create landing & sales pages. So, Today I will be discussing about one of the amazing tools known as “ClickFunnels”.

 Clickfunnels is an integrated system efficient for landing pages, webinars, sales pages and a lot more.  So what are you waiting for, move ahead and start making money today!!

Let’s understand about affiliate marketing first –

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a mutual & beneficial partnership between a merchant & website owner/affiliate marketer to make product sale. It is one of the best & easiest forms of marketing to earn money faster.

How it works?

Many of product companies allow affiliates to promote their products with affiliate programs. In this program, affiliate will be paid off for each sale provided by him. Every time visitor makes purchase, a part of profit from that particular transaction credited to affiliate’s account as commission. Amount of commission will be fixed (by mutual understanding between merchant & affiliate) according to the customer actions e.g., for each visit, registration or for every purchaser.

What is Backpack CRM?

Recently Clickfunnels came up with an incredible system addition .i.e., Backpack CRM. It is the official affiliate management system of clickFunnels, more like all in one system.

Backpack allows you to create affiliate pages, manage affiliates, commissions, profit from each affiliate and more according to the selected time period. Backpack manages everything for you. It has a lot more cool features added for your affiliate program.

Backpack Dashboard – Affiliate Account overview:

Dashboard holds all the available aspects of backpack. You will find this in left side of your dashboard. Options involved are:

Backpack CRM


  1. Manage Affiliates:

Under this option you will be managing your affiliates who are promoting your product. You can keep an eye on your top affiliates. There you will find 2 main options for each affiliate .i.e., “LOGIN AS” and “EDIT”. You can use “login as” to check everything from that affiliate’s perspective and by using “edits” you can make needful edits to the affiliate details.

affiliate marketing

  1. Commission Plans:

In commission plans; you set up, how much you will be paying to your affiliate accordingly. Here you can make 2-tier commission plans too.


  1. Review Commissions:

Here you will be keeping an eye on commission details of your affiliate program according to the product offerings. Under this option you can take data of affiliate commissions into the CSV Document.

Affiliate Commissions

  1. Affiliate Payments:

This option gives you access to keep track of affiliate payments. It gives access to the information which affiliates are being paid and whose payments are still pending according to the sales made by them.

Affiliate Payments


  1. Affiliate Settings:

Last option is about affiliate settings of Backpack. Here you can optimize and custom your affiliate pages according to your business needs.

Affiliate page settings

Important aspects about Backpack:

  • Sticky Cookies:

Backpack make use of sticky cookies that means if someone purchases using the affiliate link and then again purchases a different product later on under that transaction then the same affiliate will earn the commission for both the sales (if next product is commissionable).

  • Backpack Support ClickFunnels ONLY:

Backpack will track sales only if visitors land on a ClickFunnels page.

  • Cross Check Your Funnel Path:

By default, it takes URL from your funnel settings and add funnel ID at the end of URL. Here concern is about the correct funnel path because if your path is not correctly set up then your affiliate will not receive any payment from your side.

clickfunnels Backpack

  • Backpack Supported Currencies & Payment Gateways:

Presently, Backpack is only supporting USD and none other foreign currencies. About payment gateway, it is only supports affiliate tracking for sales that are being processed via Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, EasyPayDirect, and NMI.

So, what’s next? Login/Sign up to your ClickFunnels and start making more profits by keeping eye on your complete affiliate program.